Sumptuous treats await in Tasmania

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Tasmania is a haven for those who love sweet treats, so there are plenty of foodie destinations for lovers of sugary, chocolatey, delicious delights!

Every year, Tasmania holds a Chocolate Winterfest at Latrobe, situated a ten minute drive from Devonport, and it is on 5 July 2013.

However this isn't the only chance to enjoy Tasmania's tantalising treats.

If you've got an insatiable craving for sugar, why not head to the House of Anvers? Also located in Labtrobe, this is one tasty destination. A Californian style bungalow house dating back to 1931 with a beautiful backdrop of trees and gardens, its interior reveals a behind-the-scenes look at chocolate making.

Watch staff moulding and enrobing chocolates, truffles, fudge, praline, and a host of other delicious goodies – and best of all, you'll get to have a taste!

There's also a Chocolate Museum that outlines the history of the tasty food, from the Aztec Indians to today.

After you have a look around and sample a few different flavours, relax and unwind at the coffee shop which of course will brew you one of the most delicious hot cocoa drinks you are likely to ever taste! Pair it with a chocolate dessert and you're sure to have satisfied your sweet tooth for at least another day.

Cadbury Chocolate also has a visitor centre open to the public. Head along to the Claremont factory and you'll get to see the famous chocolates being moulded, and you might even be treated to a taste of the raw materials. You'll be sure to leave with a new insight into how chocolate is made on a mass scale.

If you're near the southern township of Cygnet, be sure to visit Cygneture Chocolates. Its handcrafted and award winning chocolates are not to be missed.

Chocolate Fest Latrobe

Anvers Chocolate Visitors Centre - Image Credit: Travelerfolio.com

cygneture choclate - Image Credit Cygneture Chocolate Blog

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