Stunning views of Hobart from Mount Wellington

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The summit of Mount Wellington provides one of the most spectacular lookouts not only in Tasmania, but the whole of Australia.

Rising gloriously 1,270 metres above the Derwent River and the harbour of Hobart, it provides visitors with a truly magical wilderness experience just 20 minutes drive from the city.

From Hobart, the mountain’s most distinctive feature is its cliff of dolerite columns – labelled the organ pipes – a stunning backdrop to an intriguing city.

A drive to the peak will take you through temperate rainforest, sub-alpine flora and jagged rock formations, until you reach the panoramic viewpoints that will take your breath away.

Alternatively you can explore via one of the bushwalking trails – catered to suit all levels of experience – and picnic and barbecue facilities allow your family or group of friends to enjoy a perfect day out.

For the more adventurous traveller there is a chance to try trail biking or abseiling, while in true Australian fashion you can descend the mountain on bicycle with a refreshing stopover at the historic Cascade Brewery.

While there are no entry fees, opening or closing times for Wellington Park, the pinnacle shelter is only available to the public from 08:00 to 20:00 during summer months and 8:00 to 16:30 during winter months.

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