Stay and explore at Tasmania’s Tahune AirWalk

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A newly-developed lodge accommodation at the Huon Valley’s popular Tahune AirWalk could be the perfect place for visitors to experience the awesomely tall trees of Tasmania’s southern forests.

The 25-bed lodge offers an overnight stay in what is becoming a very popular tourism destination and is suitable for all types of visitors including families, school groups and backpackers.

The Tahune AirWalk extends for 597 metres and explorers can walk through the three-storey high canopy of a Tasmanian wet forest – home to amazing flora, including the world’s tallest flowering plant Eucalyptus regnans.

It is a gentle way to experience some of Tasmania’s spectacular natural environment and takes you on a tour through the different stages of the forest’s lifecycle.

As well as the tall eucalypts, other tree species on show include celery top, King Billy pine, blackwood, sassafras, beech, myrtle, flowering leatherwood and the gigantic Huon pines which date back to over a thousand years.

Views out over the confluence of the Picton and Huon Rivers from the cantilevered viewing platform near the end of the walk will take your breath away.

The lodge consists of three bunk rooms, two family rooms, two triple rooms and one room wheelchair accessible double room. These are all set around a central hub that has a fireplace, dining area and a fully equipped kitchen.

View of Tahune Lodge interior

Tahune Lodge Interior

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