Spectacular Gordon River on Tasmania’s west coast

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On Tasmania’s west coast, the sublime Gordon River provides a highlight of the region’s picturesque landscape.

The wild Collingwood and Franklin rivers intersect mountainous rainforest wilderness before merging to create the Gordon River, which flows 193 km from Lake Richmond at the island’s centre before emptying into the vast Macquarie Harbour.

Dominating the heart of the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park in a World Heritage Area, it runs through imposing valleys and is surrounded by a diverse and rugged terrain. Much of the rainforest that surrounds the river remains relatively untouched.

It is split into the Upper Gordon River and Lower Gordon River catchment areas – once believed to be separated by impassable gorges known as the Gordon Splits.

As is the case with many of Tasmania’s rivers, the water is fresh and drinkable – even though it appears murky brown due to the absorption of tannin from the catchment area’s button grass.

This serene body of water can be explored in a number of different ways. Visitors have the choice between taking a relaxing cruise from Strahan, a scenic flight over the region, or an exciting whitewater rafting expedition.

If you choose to view the river and its surrounding wilderness from a plane, an unforgettable experience awaits – you will be looking down on the spectacular Sir John Falls and 1,000-year-old myrtle and Huon pine trees.

For the adventurous traveller, rafting the rapids of the river’s more aggressive stretches will be one of your most enjoyable activities in the island state.

However you decide to explore this unique destination, there will be countless opportunities for keen photographers to capture brilliant nature images, while casual visitors are bound to fall in love with the calming atmosphere as they journey by boat through a world-renowned landscape.

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  • admin says:

    Hi Christine
    The only cruises available are the 6 hour ones. It is a BIG harbour and river system.

  • Christine Gardner says:

    Is there a cheaper and shorter boat trip on the Gordon than the 6 hour $100 or thereabouts advertised? Surely there are other options?

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