Skateboarding fun in the school holidays!

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If you've got a keen skateboarder in your household, then you'll probably want to let them know that there are some free skateboarding workshops and events happening in Tasmania this summer!

Every week the island cranks out a number of fantastic skateboarding events in the north, south and north-west hubs of Tasmania, with Skateboarding Australia (SbA) working closely with local interests to collaborate on regular skateboarding activity.

The main focus within these skate hubs is the StreetWise clinics which are led by skateboarders in the local 'scenes', dedicated to getting beginners into skateboarding and helping to develop the skills of those who are already riding.

Competitions and games are also incorporated into activities, with events such as the technical flat ground elimination game, S.K.A.T.E, and Best Trick contests.

Budding skate videographers also get the chance to demonstrate their talents, with aspiring lensmasters given paid gigs to capture the action at the hubs.

Throughout January and February workshops and events will be held in a number of locations including Hadspen Skatepark, Launceston Skatepark, Gravelly Beach Skatepark, Devonport Skatepark, Burnie Skatepark, Lauderdale Skatepark and Abbotsfield Skatepark.

Skate activities will typically take place on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00 – you can check out more details at the SbA website.

Typical Tasmanian Skate Park getting some action

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