See Tasmania from great heights

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If you like the idea of hang gliding but are not trained, try cable hang gliding. This is where the glide apparatus is connected to a cable that zips along at speed, so you get the sensation of hang gliding, without the need to control the equipment yourself.

In Launceston, you can cable glide over the Trevallyn Dam, above an 18-metre cliff with a 200-metre spell in the air.

Don't close your eyes out of fear – be sure to keep them wide open to take in the beautiful surroundings and see how far up you really are!

Once you've tried this activity, you're bound to want to do it again. In that case, head to the Eagle Hang Glider at the Huon River.

You'll be swept up from the forest floor, soar over the Huon River for 200 metres, 41 metres high in the air before you're brought back down to earth.

The equipment is completely controlled, so all you have to do is calm those nerves and enjoy the thrilling experience! Passengers can only fly solo, so it's a great opportunity to challenge yourself and push those boundaries.

If you are an experienced hang glider, you can get in touch with clubs on the island and try your hand at the activity on Tasmanian soil.


Eagle Hang Glider, Tahune - Image Credit: Tahune Hang Gliding

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