Ready for the Launceston Cataract Challenge?

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If you're a supporter of active living and excitement, then you will want to be in Launceston for October 27.

On that date, the Launceston Cataract Challenge will be held at the Cataract Gorge. The Challenge is a multi-sport event, designed to promote active living to the community.

The spectacular Cataract Gorge is only minutes from Launceston, a rare site of adventure and beauty so close to the town. It's full of dramatic waterways, jagged cliffs, valleys and rock formations – the perfect place for sightseeing and adventure.

The five different legs of the event are sure to challenge and delight even seasoned outdoor enthusiasts – but you don't need to be experienced to enter.

The first leg involves cycling in a time trial?, the second mountain biking around a challenging circuit in the Trevallyn Reserve, while the third event involves a run with several ascents and descents on varied terrain.

Then there will be a kayak challenge in the First Basin, and finally, a ropes course including zip lines, bridge and cliff climbs! On one of the zip line's high speed descents, you might even reach speeds of 50 kilometres per hour!

Past participants have noted the ropes course as something that sets this event apart. Your harness, helmet, slings and carabiners will be supplied and you don't need to have previous experience.

If you don't want to actively take part, you can still be a spectator. Head down to the gorge and there will be plenty of action in every direction. This is definitely a day that Launceston gets behind wholeheartedly.

Why not combine this event with a break in surrounding Launceston, or maybe even explore more of Tasmania? Let your inner adventurer shine.

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