Ready for the Junction Arts Festival 2013?

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Tasmania is one of Australia's havens of the arts, teeming with local talent and drawing international artists from all around the world.

This September, all of this artistic finesse will be on display with the Junction Arts Festival, also known simply as 'Junction.' Taking place in the wonderful city of Launceston, it's a five-day multi-arts international festival.

Junction tends to focus on work that places audience at the centre of the experience. This is often a highlight for visitors as they're invited to interact with performances, outdoor installations and public and private spaces. Launceston is known for coming alive and coming into its own every time Junction rolls into town.

Leading local, national and international artists and projects taking part in Junction aim to challenge the traditional relationships between artist and audience. Contemporary art is presented in a welcoming environment that is designed for all ages and communities, with events free to the public.

This year some of Launceston's disused central spaces will light up with life as site-specific, engaging and participatory arts projects base themselves in these spots.

Australian and international audiences alike await the release of the full programme, which is to be announced on July 25 2013.

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