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Would you classify yourself as an adrenalin junkie, thrill seeker or adventurer? If you're any of these things, then you may well need to give jet boating in Tasmania a go.

Even if you're not usually one to step outside of your comfort zone, jet boating is the perfect opportunity as you can get up and close with nature and the water – without anything getting too crazy. All you need to worry about will be taming your windswept hair at the end of it!

It's true that Tasmania has some beautiful rivers – so what better way to see them than be in amongst them? While we don't recommend going for a mid-winter dip, a jet boating experience is definitely one of the activities which can help you to fully appreciate the island's gorgeous waterways.

You'll absolutely see some great scenery, you will definitely get a buzz from the cool water spraying against your face and some fun twists and turns!

High-speed trips run along the lovely Derwent River at New Norfolk, (the operator is due to resume operations soon). You can also find some jet boat rides around the Huon River, and even on King River which is on the edge of one of Tasmania's World Heritage areas and offers an authentic experience of Tasmania's rough and wild side.

You don't need much for your jet boating trip, but you may want to remember to wear lots of sunblock and perhaps some waterproof clothes – or at least wear some clothes that you don't mind getting wet! You'll definitely need to hold onto your hat on one of these jet boat experiences – so strap yourself in and get yourself ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Huon Jet  at Huonville

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