Queenstown has had a facelift and they are celebrating!

There are many new shops and art galleries to explore and they have lots of specials and events planned over the weekend of 18-20 November. You can download a copy here.

On the Fiday night you can crawl a gallery or two – you thought we were going to say pub! Well you can do that too! Saturday brings up tours of the Lake Margaret Power Station. In 1914 the Lake Margaret Power Scheme was an innovative development to deliver electricity for the Mt Lyell Copper Mine and the third largest in Australia at the time. Like many from the time, its main feature was the wooden staves used to construct a pipeline to bring water to the station. This in time created a maintenance headache and it was not until 2009 that the power station re-opened. Much of the original generation equipment has been retained and it is a unique working ‘slice from the time’.

On Sunday Market Stalls and Lions Club BBQ will take over part of Orr Street. On both days however it is also possible to explore the West Coast Wilderness Railway with special prices and increased departures. Perhaps you could make it more of a spectacle by turning up in Period Dress? The Penghana Gardens have two Open Days and the Galley Museum is open right through until 9.00pm at night for a gold coin donation.

So if you’ve never been to Queenstown or want to revisit, come and join in for a lively weekend of celebrations!

Lake Margaret Power Station interior - generating room with the control room to the left overlooking.

A journey through ancient rain forest and ferns

Two heritage engines facing off

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