Port Arthur Architecture Award

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We thought we had misread the headline to the article. This is a ‘ruin site’ – a place where history emerges from what was built in the past, and yet the ‘Henry Hunter Triennial Prize for Architecture’ was awarded on Saturday night 16 June, to project architects Tonkin Zulaikha Greer for their work on Stage One of the conservation of the Separate Prison.

This is not the first time that work on the Separate Prison has been recognised.

The Henry Hunter Triennial Prize is presented for architecture that involves the recycling or conservation of existing buildings. Aha, so that explains the tribute to not only the present day practitioners but also the original architect Henry Hunter (1832-1892).

The separate prison is one of the ‘must sees’ at the Port Arthur historic site. It is possible to reflect on man’s inhumanity to man as the system of the day forced solitude and discipline on the inmates.

Port Arthur's Separate Prison

The Separate Prison where solitary confinement and being locked up for 23 hours per day was usual - Image: Port Arthur Historic Site

More information about the Port Arthur Historic site.

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