Plenty to see at Beauty Point

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The aptly named Beauty Point is a quaint town by the Tamar River in Tasmania's north-east.

It is a wonderful destination for discovering local vineyards, coming face to face with unique and interesting wildlife, and learning more about the region's maritime history.

Just a few minutes' drive from Beaconsfield, Beauty Point was originally established as the Tamar's first deep water port and serviced the gold mine located at its larger neighbour.

At the end of the gold rush the town became an important apple exporting centre.

These days it is a convenient place to launch exciting journeys around this picturesque and culturally intriguing corner of the island state.

Among Beauty Point's finest attractions are Platypus House and Seahorse World, which both offer great insight into two fascinating creatures.

There is no better place in the world to get up close and personal with such treasured animal life.

At Seahorse World you will take a fun and educational tour through the aquarium, which is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of these curious gifts from nature.

Platypus House is the only place to see these strange egg-laying mammals indoors and visitors are guaranteed to be rewarded for their attendance.

Beauty Point is also known for hosting the Australian Maritime College, which develops certified crew for the worldwide International Luxury Yacht and Merchant Marine fleets and many other maritime courses.

The town also acts as a departure point for the annual Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race – also known as L2H. It is also the arrival point after they cross the finishing line at Low Head of the annual Melbourne to Launceston – M2L race.

In 2011 the starter's gun will go off December 27 and anyone in the area at this time should get down to the port to enjoy the spectacular start.

From Beauty Point you have the option to visit the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre, take a day walk in Narawntapu National Park or Notley Fern Gorge, join a penguin tour or cruise serenely down the Tamar River.

Location of Beauty Point - Image Credit: Kateland Manor Estate

weedy seadragon at seahorse world

Seahorses at Seahorse World Beauty Point

Platypus at Platypus World - Image Credit: HillGurney Blog

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