The somewhat tongue in cheek title of this impressive exhibition offers an insight into the parts of history that we often don't want to remember.

Persons of Interest is an exhibition by Netty Gibson and Louise Josephs that turns the traditional role of the artist as a creative entity into the more structured identity of an archivist.

Using material from a collection of 1940s documents, the archivists are able to piece together the forgotten moments of history.

When this is combined with imagery from Nazi Germany and the Victorian Police Department, it becomes clear that both the dark and mundane aspects of the human experience are often erased from of our collective memory.

In their place is a slightly skewed and often idealised version of events that often says more about society's own values at the time of telling than they do about the hopes and dreams of the people whose actions come to inform our present realities.

Josephs and Gibson are also interested in the constant revisionism that comes with the passage of time, as well as the ability people have to disassociate themselves from the actions of those who came before them.

Special attention is paid to the way certain crimes are able to polarise nations, while others seem to go largely unnoticed despite the obvious implications this can have on people of all ages and backgrounds.

By presenting emotionally charged works in a comfortable setting, the "archivists" hope to draw attention to the general feeling of ambivalence that often comes about in society after major historical events.

Persons of Interest will open its doors to the public from July 7 to 27 at Handmark Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart and entry is free. You can view the exhibition between the gallery's normal viewing hours of 09.00 to 17.00.

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