Montezuma Falls

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Are you in the mood for adventure? If the answer to this question is a resounding yes then you may want to add a trip to Montezuma Falls to your travel itinerary.

Montezuma Falls is Tasmania’s highest waterfall and a main tourist attraction on the state’s west coast.

Its unusual name is of Mexican origin and seems to have been adopted during the time when the Montezuma Silver Mining Company was one of the main employers in the region.

And along with a rich mining history that is evident among some of the ruins you get to see in the nearby bushlands – which happens to feature a once imposing wooden trestle bridge – you will also get to catch a glimpse of the unique birdlife that calls this part of the world home.

However, it is also a great place to go to reconnect with nature and take in the sights and wonders of the park-like rainforest that guides you on your way to the falls.

Beginning at Willamsford, you will need to take an easy three-hour walk to Montezuma Falls – which is made up of a number of historic tracks including the former North East Dundas Tramway.

Depending on the weather, this walk could take a little longer than originally expected, so make sure to pack rainproof clothing, thick socks and good hiking boots to your travel bag before you leave.

Another hot tip is to take your camera with you as budding photographers won’t want to miss capturing this natural wonder on film.

For those who are near Burnie, you can make it to main attraction via car in 90 minutes or less depending on traffic and weather conditions, while anyone in Rosebery won’t need to be in the car for more than a few minutes.

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