Live music at an all-time high in Tasmania

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The original live music scene in Tasmania is constantly growing, as more and more venues offer gigs to both local and visiting interstate acts.

And the industry contributes significantly to the state’s economy, as well as enticing a larger number of young people to stay living on the island, according to a leading contemporary music body.

Following on from the results of a Victorian study released last Tuesday (August 9) that showed live music was an even more popular form of entertainment in the state than AFL – and thus contributing heavily to state income and job provision – Contemporary Music Services Tasmania project officer Dane Hunnerup says an equivalent study in the Apple Isle would likely show similar results.

Hunnerup believes that after a dip in the early 2000s, live music has reached an all-time peak in recent years.

“It’s better than it’s ever been, which is fantastic and what we’re seeing now is there are more venues than ever offering live music,” he told the Mercury newspaper.

According to Hunnerup, the arrival of the Falls music festival in 2003 had a massive impact on renewing audience enthusiasm, with many popular Hobart venues – such as the Alley Cat, the Brisbane and Venue Six offering live music programs.

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