Laughing Golden

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Art can be a serious subject area, but there are times when it is also a great medium to make you laugh.

Laughing Golden explores the areas where land, craft and tourism cross paths in a humorous, light hearted way.

Artist Julie Munro-Allison is behind the quirky and irreverent take on Australia's bush history and production of historical artefacts.

The irony of turning convict settlements into tourist hotspots is not lost on Munro-Allison and the artworks that feature in this body of work were developed during a two-month residency during the later half of last year at Birrarung House, Victoria.
And while it may not be integral to the exhibition, it is interesting to know that this residency is located on Laughing Waters Road.

However, she doesn't let criticism override her works and instead uses this as a starting point for highlighting the more amusing aspects of human folly, while softly pointing out the subjective nature of retelling the past.

Australia bush crafts are distinct from other versions of this art due to the materials and techniques in use that are unique to this country.

An emphasis on innovation and creativity means that many of the works feel relatively untouched despite being reformed, while the need to 'make so' with what is available to the artist leads to surprising twist and turns.

It will also help to renew the way you look at the everyday objects in the world around them and how easily their meaning can change once they are no longer used for their original function.

Laughing Golden is currently showing at Artspace, 146 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.  However the screening will end on August 2 this year. Entry is free and visiting hours are 09.00 to 17.00.

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