Junction Arts Festival

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They say that members of the art world belong to an exclusive club, but every now and then a new festival comes along that disproves old myths.

Enter the Junction Arts Festival – an annual arts festival in Launceston that has built its reputation on audience participation.

You will enjoy exploring the city from a new perspective when you see the streets come alive with installations, pop-up live music and seeing art in the places you would least expect to find it!

Now in its third year, the festival’s organisers have learnt a thing or two about want people like and where they want to go in Launceston.

And the list of activities that they have in stall for this year is not for the fainthearted! Along with the regular artistic displays in the city’s cafes and eateries, you will also find works in parks, sitting on rooftops, on the side of buses and sidewalks, as well as the odd heritage listed building.

If this is not enough to spark your interest, you can take a short walk to The Junc Room and Big Top circus tent to get your music fix.

Interpretative dance is another event must-see (or do?) event, while encounters with the occasional guerrilla gardener may turn into something less of a rarity during this time.

While the 2012 program is an opportunity for the festival to branch out into new and exciting areas, it is also a family friendly event that caters to people of all ages and demographics.

Sporting fanatics and hipsters will be able to come together in the city centre to share a mutual appreciation of having fun in their home town.

Junction Arts Festival is on from August 22 to 26 in the city of Launceston, Tasmania.

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