Indulge yourself at Savoy Day Spa

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Returning to the daily grind can be pretty hard after enjoying a wonderful holiday break with friends and family.

If you need to relax from a stressful week at the office, make your way down to Tasmania's Savoy Day Spa to unwind and treat yourself.

Located in the capital city of Hobart, Savoy Day Spa will bring you back to balance with its unique sensory experiences, helping you to "get to the root of your issues" and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

There's a variety of treatments that you can choose from, including massage treatments, spa, face, hands and feet, men's facials and make-up applications and lessons.

If you're interested in a unique massage treatment, try the Savoy Signature Massage. This fuses deep tissue and Swedish relaxation techniques that will take you on a "sensory journey tapping into your chakra for balance and rejuvenation".

Therapeutic heat packs are used to help in releasing tight muscles, alongside the use of Savoy's signature blend of natural plant-based essential oils.

Purify skin and unclog pores in the deeply relaxing Swedish Steam Experience. The traditional hot-stone sauna will relieve tight and tired muscles to prepare you for the "ultimate Swedish massage" by Savoy's skilled therapists.

Luxurious soaks and treatments

Massages using Aveda products to soothe, relax and invigorate you

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Savoy Day Spa has facilities and appointments to truly relax you

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