Hobart Showground Sunday Market – Perfect Gift?

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If you're lucky enough to spend a Sunday in Hobart, you won't want to miss the weekly market held at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds.

This facility has an exciting range of stalls offering something for everyone – whether you are looking to add to your garden, find a new outfit or sample some of Tasmania's great gourmet fare, you'll find exactly what you're after here.

Entry to the Hobart Showground Sunday Market is free – and with just two weekends to go before Mother's Day, it is a great place to track down a one-of-a-kind gift for a special mum in your life.

From freshly-cut flowers to handicrafts, jewellery, decadent chutneys and jams, local art and even homemade cakes, the stalls here are packed with gift ideas to suit mums of every taste.

Located at the corner of Howard Road and Brooker Highway, the market is held every Sunday between 8:00am and 2:00pm – and early birds often get the best bargains!

You'll find the fun and friendly atmosphere here also offers a great alternative to traditional supermarkets – and if you are looking for the best seasonal produce in Tasmania, you'll find the Hobart Showground Sunday Market offers the freshest fruit and vegies in town!

Market Scene at the Showgrounds - Mt Wellington in the background

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