Hobart Paddle – the best seat in the harbour

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Most people think that they don't have time to go on an adventure holiday, with the general consensus being that these trips take a lot of planning and can only be enjoyed if you have a few weeks' leave up your sleeve.

But it is possible to have fun on shorter tours that are big on thrills without eating into your weekend too much – you just need to know where to look.

For anyone who is lucky enough to be in Hobart at the moment, you will be pleased to know that there are a number of activities that are bound to get your adrenalin pumping and are conveniently situated near the CBD.

The transition from the city streets to water paradise isn't something that happens often, but when you go on one of Hobart Paddle's off-road tours this is exactly what happens.

For two hours, you will have the best seat in the house while journeying over the city's beautiful harbour.

It is also a great way to clear the mind while breathing in fresh ocean air and catching the last rays of sunlight on a clear winter's day.

Test your seamanship by weaving your way between yachts, working fishing boats, tall ships and many other modern cruisers as you navigate the city's waterways.

Along the way there is also that chance to put your feet down on dry land while you go on guided tours of many of the city's famous landmarks including the historic Battery Point and vibrant Salamanca and the bustling docks.

Your guide will make sure that you don't just get a physical workout on the tour, but learn something new about the story of modern Hobart and its people.

For information on bookings and tour availability with Hobart Paddle, you can visit the company's website.

Hobart Paddle in the inner harbour Image Credit: TripAdvisorUnder wharf fabric near the Wrestpoint Casino

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