Hobart Flamenco Festival – February 16-17

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Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to move to the Spanish guitar – with the Hobart Flamenco Festival handclapping its way into town from February 16 to 17.

Tasmania's heritage-rich capital of Hobart will host a weekend of "culturally rich performances" with workshops in flamenco and "fusion styles" in dance, singing, guitar, percussion and of course castanets!

The weekend was put together by director of Flamenco Australia Marina Tamayo and Hobart's Festival co-ordinator Lorena Cabezas, with Tamayo showcasing her new work, The Sounds of Las Alpujarras Granadinas.

Daily flamenco shows will be held at The Peacock Theatre during the weekend, with courses also available to the public by reservation.

Described as a "musical feast for world music lovers", the festival will feature performance from duo Alin & Melike and special guests Lucy La Rubia Vernon, Damian De Boos Smith, Stuart Henderson, Georgina Cano, Marina Tamayo and Ruth Santamaria.

Tickets are $25 from the Mosh Tix website or the local outlet Ruffcut Records.

If you're thinking of taking part in a workshop, visit the Flamenco Australia website for more details.

You can also pick up some flamenco dancing wear from the website also, with shoes, skirts and accessories available.

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