Can you see yourself relaxing on a beautiful property, miles away from the realities of everyday life and all its worries?

Well you can do this in many places in Tasmania. There's nothing like getting to know a place by meeting its locals, and through a homestead or farm stay you can experience the warm hospitality Tasmania have to offer. And unlike the rest of Australia, our farm stays are not ‘outback’ experiences – you will be in a rural location mostly close to all amenities.

A farm stay experience means that you share the home with the family, taking part in their daily activities and getting a real slice of a real life experience.

For example at some farm stays you might help to feed animals such as chickens and cows, and perhaps even an alpaca or two. Some farm stays will invite you to share meals with the family, while others may operate in a more self-contained style. Either way, this is definitely a social and personal experience where many people meet friends they will keep in touch with for life.

Enjoy sharing some new experiences with the locals by making the choice to go country on a farm stay. … we like the line “Meet real, down-to-earth Tasmanians, living ordinary lives in extraordinary places.”
There are two options: one in hosted commercial accommodation, or two in facilities offered by the worldwide Helpx network which lists over 190 opportunities to stay in exchange for work.

Farm animals - Ben acting the goat - Image Credit: Heimat Chalets Farm Stay listing screenshot - organic and wellness, conventional, large and small - the experience is for you to choose

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