Have you heard of the Cradle Shuttle?

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Most visitors to Tasmania want to visit the majestic Cradle Mountain, but let's face it, getting out and about in nature the whole time isn't for everyone.

That's where the Cradle Shuttle comes in. If you arrive in Tasmania feeling particularly fatigued, or simply want a more convenient way of getting around, this is a great way for you to still experience the wonder of Tasmania's most famous mountain.

Arrange your own transport to the visitor centre of Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park. If you're bringing your own car, aim to get there early as parking spaces can run out quickly.

From there, the shuttle bus can take you to Dove Lake with many stops in between. You can hop on and off wherever you like – but remember to check out the timetable beforehand. 

This handy service saves you the hassle of driving or hiking there yourself, so you can enjoy your time there as you please.

The shuttle bus is a daily service and charges may apply. From September to May, the shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes or every 15 minutes if it's particularly busy, and there's plenty of room for backpacks and trekking gear.

However, if you think you won't be gracing the park until winter, take note that between mid-May and September the buses run every 30 minutes, from 9am – 4pm.

Enjoy stops at the Cradle Valley Boardwalk, parts of the Overland Track, the Enchanted Walk and the Dove Lake Circuit, making it a great way to get straight to specific parts of the area that you want to see. 

Holidays are about doing what you enjoy, and the Cradle Shuttle is one thing that makes it that much easier.

Cradle Shuttle Bus - Image Credit: McDermott Coaches

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