Have you heard of Hastings Caves?

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For those who love to head underground and wonder at all things subterranean, Hastings Caves is the perfect Tasmanian adventure.

The caves started to form around 40 million years ago, and were discovered only in 1917 when some timber workers stumbled upon an entrance. These caves have gone on to provide a wonderful attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Head down below the surface for a look into the series of caves. The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service takes tours through Newdegate's stunning cavern, which includes flowstone, stalactites, columns, straws, stalagmites and shawls. It's also home to what will excite a number of caving enthusiasts – helictites. These are tendrils of calcite that grow in all directions in tiny filaments – truly a marvel of nature.

Claustrophobics need not panic – Newdegate Cave is spacious – though you will have to do a wee bit of stair climbing, with 240 in total to climb, but these are approached in small sections. After you have worn yourself out exploring, you can take a dip in a thermal pool surrounded by beautiful forest. This warm spring water is a favourite with tourists, where there is access to modern changing facilities, great BBQ spots.
Local Hint: When you buy your tickets at the building near the hot springs be sure to leave enough time for the journey to the caves which is another 3 kms up a metal surfaced road.

Hastings Caves featured in 100 Things You Have Never Heard Of - Image Credit: (and article) Australian Traveller

Hastings Caves Thermal Pool - Image Credit: Smugglers Rest Accommodation

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