Ever thought about hang gliding?

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If you've got a strong head and heart for heights, then you may want to give Eagle Hang Gliding a go.

It's a good excuse to travel to the beautiful south of Tasmania, where you will get to see the Tahune Forest and many other stunning nearby sights.

Sign up for an Eagle Hang Gliding tour and you'll get two shots at a 400 metre flight above the forest. This makes for a truly unique, thrilling white-knuckle experience.

Not only will you see the forest as great birds flying above do, you'll also get awe-inspiring views of the Huon River.

It's lucky that you get two flights included with this, considering how much you will love your first go, not giving you a second would be cruel!

For your own safety and peace of mind, the hang gliding equipment is secured by cable, so you don't have to worry about operating any equipment or flying off into the distance.

So tick a hang gliding experience off your bucket list and head up into the air, for a view of Tasmania like none other. 

The experience is also open to anyone as those with special acccess needs can be transported to the top by ATV – a truly liberating time as recently experienced by ‘Have Wheelchair Will Travel’.

Soaring downward at The Eagle Hang Gliding Experience at Tahune Air Walk

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