Hang gliding at the Tahune Forest Airwalk

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Have you ever wanted to know what it would feel like to fly? Well the people at Adventure Forests may be able to bring you a bit closer to that feeling with the Eagle Glide Hang Gliding adventure at the Tahune AirWalk.

Feel the wind under your wings as you pass through towering Tasmanian eucalypts and the rushing Huon River.

A 400 metre cable glide runs from the tree tops to the forest floor, with admission to the attraction from $18 – but you don't only get one turn, but two!

If you're keen to hop on the glider then remember to wear enclosed footwear and allow for safety briefing time.

The Tahune AirWalk has a number of other thrill-seeking attractions including the multi-award winning walk through the canopy of eucalypt forest, the Huon Pine Walk, the swinging bridges and fully guided segway tours for a unique experience of the forest.

Guests also have the option of staying at the AirWalk Lodge with exclusive night time trails on offer!

The AirWalk Lodge is ideally suited to families, school groups and backpackers, with a total of eight rooms which can accommodate up to 23 guests.

To make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable there is a communal lounge with a fireplace, free WiFi network, LCD TV and DVDs, and a fully equipped kitchen with shared bathroom facilities.

Tahune Eagle Hangglider zipping along its wire

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