GW Magazine Tasmania Feature 2 April 2011

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Did you catch the quite excellent Tasmanian feature in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend (weekend) newspaper insert? We had an 8-page wrap-around describing one of the most breathtaking places on earth.

Contributing travel writers, well known Tasmanian Bob Brown, and author Danielle Wood profiled their love of the island state, describing ‘the essence’, a favourite spot, the best taste and the most under rated attraction.

Where to eat, where to stay, what to do, our culture, our nature and simply put, the good life!

Travel writer Kendall Hill introduced the articles with a brilliant lead-in …

“If fate had placed Tasmania in the northern hemisphere – just off the coast of America or Britain, for example – its quaint country lanes and glorious countryside would be well known around the globe. Everyone would rave about the quality of light and the crispness of the air (the freshest in the world), its phenomenal wine regions would be feted widely and its food would be a beacon for gourmet travellers.

In recent years Tasmania has received a chorus of approval from prestigious foreign publications such as Travel + Leisure (one of their “top five favourite islands”), Condé Nast Traveller (“world’s friendliest island”) and Outside magazine (one of “the world’s 10 best beaches” – Wineglass Bay).

All this attention seems to be turning Australian heads as more and more mainlanders discover our southernmost state.

It only takes one visit to Tasmania to become a convert to its laidback lifestyle and uncommon beauty.”

Good Weekend Feature Screenshot 2 April 2011

Good Weekend Tasmanian Feature Screenshot 2 April 2011

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