Furneaux Museum on Flinders Island

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History buffs know a good museum when they see one, which might be one of the reasons why the Furneaux Museum has so many visitors walking through its doors.

Showcasing the history of the Furneaux Group of Islands, you will have plenty of things to look at and discover on your next tour.

Among some of the major attractions is an anchor from the Sydney Cove, which was salvaged from Preservation Island in 1797, as well as relics from a number of shipwrecks that took place on and around the islands.

Aboriginal artefacts from the region help to shed light on the islands dark past, with an exquisite collection of handmade shell necklaces offering an insight into the craftsmanship of local indigenous communities.

On display in the Aboriginal Room, which happens to be one of seven separately housed exhibitions within the museum, the artefacts are also a sad reminder about the traditions that were lost upon European settlement.

Combining a trip to the museum with a tour of the Wybaleena Chapel and Cemetery is a great way to learn about the past, while also catching a glimpse of the idyllic beaches that await discovery.

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