‘For the Term of His Natural Life’ iPad App

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Tasmania passes down its convict history with well known historic sites, a large collection of relics and colonial era items shown in museums, direct family connections with many of today’s Tasmanians able to trace lineage to intact ‘criminal and transport’ records – although many of the offences seem trivial now.

Books and plays complete this rich tapestry and none is better known than Marcus Clarke’s classic Australian novel, ‘For the Term Of His Natural Life’, which over 130 years and never been out of print. It has taken the form of a magazine serial, a novel and three feature films (1908, 1911 and 1927), and the popular record-rating six-hour mini-series.

Tasmania’s longest running play ‘The Ship That Never Was‘ plays daily in Strahan. Based on a real event in 1834 when the last ship built at the convict settlement at Macquarie Harbour was about to sail for the new prison at Port Arthur and was hijacked by 10 convict shipwrights.

Completing the ways modern folk can delve into this history is the latest version of Marcus Clarke’s work – ‘For the Term of His Natural Life’ iPad App. Patricia Payne (Producer of the mini-series) has now released an ground breaking interactive eBook app for the iPad, which features a 300-page condensed version of the novel interspersed with segments of the highly-acclaimed international T.V. mini-series.

Presenting a seamless and gripping story-telling experience, bridging the gap between three forms of media: film, literature, and an interactive tablet application, the reader’s experience is enriched by over 40 interactive footnotes, 19 video notes, bios, and over 100 photos, maps, bonus song, and historical documents.
Progressing the story and woven throughout the text are 18 video clips including some from the original 1927 silent film based on the book!

There is also a informative web site to explore.

The App in the iTunes Store

Story and pop-up with linkages to other material

A map showing the locations of the prisons

The App is rich with pictures, videos and pop-ups allowing the reader to explore

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  • Christine Wilkins says:

    I purchased this wonderful app and it has really inspired me to visit Tasmania to experience the beautiful scenery and the history. Your site is excellent and I will forward it to my friends.

  • Edward Todd says:

    I love history when it isn’t dry and I also love reading on my iPad. However, I know nothing of OZ history. (I’m in the US) When I first read the App I had little to no interest in Tasmania history.

    What I like about the app is that it switches the narrative between video and text. I find this fascinating and is something I haven’t seen before. I love how there are ways to dive deeper into the story and see greater detail of maps and history. I wish this feature would be available on more history books!

    I’ve given this App to friends and family members.

    Now I want to find a way to visit these locations in person…

  • Missy Sims says:

    Love your site! Downloaded the app as was very happy with the purchase. It was such an interesting blend of graphics with a great story. Thanks!

  • anette sharvit says:

    I finished reading the ebook and it’s making me want to take a trip to Tasmania!

  • Purchased this app and enjoyed experience, especially images of Tasmania. As a travel agent it’s a terrific app to recommend to clients traveling down under. Your site is great.

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