Five Hot Tasmanian Coffee Spots

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If you're a cappuccino fiend looking for your next fix in Tasmania, then you'll be glad to hear that the island boasts of a range of brilliant cafes, bakeries and coffee stops!

Tasmania isn't only renowned for its stunning natural beauty, wildlife and adventure escapes, the nature state is also noted for its fine selection of food and drink.

Here are five top coffee spots for travellers looking for their pastry and caffeine fix.

Pilgrim Coffee

With winter knocking at our door, it calls for some good coffee, hot chocolate and baked goods to be made.

Pilgrim Coffee in Hobart is one cafe that you can rely on for high quality coffee, with fantastic food also available on the menu too!

Stop by for a salted caramel chocolate waffle and a delicious latte to wash it down.

Sweet Envy

If you're a sweet tooth, you know you're onto a winner here by visiting Sweet Envy to pick up a tasty baked treat to go along with your cup of coffee!

Located in North Hobart, Sweet Envy is loaded with cakes, cookies and candy, including hazelnut and creme brulee cake with praline mousse, chocolate caramel tart, peanut butter cupcake, and a variety of macaroons. The emphasis is very much on the sweets things – sometimes that is exactly what you need, right?

Laneway Cafe

Drink your morning coffee with your choice of breakfast at Laneway Cafe in Devonport.

Don't start your day on an empty stomach, get some food in your system to provide some energy, with eggs benedict, ricotta hotcakes and the BIG Laneway breakfast of two free range eggs, spinach, mushrooms, a hash brown and chorizo all on the same plate!

Blue Cafe Bar

If you're in Launceston's Inveresk Precinct, stop by Blue Cafe Bar for sourdough toast, honey and almond granola with coconut yoghurt and of course – coffee!

You can satisfy your breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert needs here, so remember to visit the Blue Cafe Bar next time you're in town.

TMAG Courtyard Cafe

If you're making a visit to the newly refurbished Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) then drop in for a coffee at the Courtyard Cafe.

Hot picks off the drinks menu include hot white chocolate, organic chai, lemongrass and ginger tea, iced coffee and espresso.

Pilgrim Coffee House in Hobart - Image Credit: Beanscene Magazine

TMAG Coffee Shop Cafe in Hobart

Sweet Envy - Image Credit: pc-rita food blogger

Read the article by blogger pc-rita

The Laneway Cafe during a Theme Night (Rolling Stones)

Blue Cafe Bar in the grounds of Inveresk Launceston

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