Find a unique Christmas gift in Tasmania

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If you are still searching for some crucial last-minute Christmas gifts, keep in mind that Tasmania is so much more than just an idyllic holiday destination – it is also a shopping haven filled with a wonderful selection of quality local handcrafts and artwork.

Whether you are interested in fine wood carvings, wilderness photography or wool products, you are bound to find the perfect gift at one of the island state's bustling summer markets or quaint art and craft stores.

Private galleries also house exquisite wooden furniture, paintings, clothing, jewellery and artefacts.

Tasmanian artists often talk admiringly of the diverse landscape in this beautiful corner of the globe and in many cases it is the local nature and wildlife that features as part of their work.

One of the major differences between the collectables you will find in Tasmania compared to most other places is that they are developed by talented people from the region – not imported from a factory.

Many of the souvenirs you will find are genuine memories and expressions of landscape, along with the history of the region and the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

The wool here is also rated as some of the finest in the world, so you may want to buy a hand-and-machine knitted or woven garment to take home to a loved one.

Spacebar Gallery Hobart - typical of craft and design for Christmas Gifts

Spacebar Gallery Hobart - typical of craft and design for Christmas Gifts

Tasmanian woods - always a favourite. Image credit: artifaktgallery, Deloraine - designer: Paul Noordanus

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