Exploring the Tamar Valley

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The Tamar Valley is a beautiful part of Tasmania which lovers of the finer things in life won't want to miss. Close to the city of Launceston, it's a hot-spot for vineyards, tasty cuisine and gorgeous scenery – pretty much everything you'd want to enjoy on a holiday.

If you're interested in a spot of the area's history, the Tamar Valley was founded in 1806 and eventually became famous for its resources, including significant gold mining operations. These days, the Valley still hints back to these times with old buildings and streets harking back to colonial and convict times, as well the Georgian and Victorian eras – giving the area a finish unique in Australia.

With a population of approximately 100,000 people, it's bustling enough to be interesting but quiet enough that you have your own space.

It's also filled with plenty to see and do. One of the highlights includes the Batman Bridge – named after the founder of Melbourne, not the superhero – which crosses the Tamar River and is an awesome landmark.

Greens Beach is also a family favourite with lots to do in its surroundings, including golf, tennis, shops and more. Play with time in the sand and check out the beache’s big dunes.

If you're a wine connoisseur then you'll have to head out to some of the area's lavish vineyards.

The Grey Sands vineyard is just one of the Boutique names to explore. First planted in 1989 and it has a history of quality and high standards. If you'd like to experience a true Tasmanian wine tasting then head to any winery in the area, where there are many beautiful garden settings to wander through – so soak in the nature and the wine around you!

You ‘ll want to check out Tamar Valley Wine Route online to help you plan your target vineyards. IN fact, making Launceston a base you can easily make 3 days of exploration and enjoyment base on wine pursuits alone.

Tamar Valley Wine Route

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