Explore colonial buildings in Tasmania

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If you love the idea of stepping back in time to the way things used to be – with the exquisite architecture and an atmosphere that feels unchanged for centuries – then Tasmania is your ideal Australian holiday destination.

Home to some of the country's great mansions, the island state offers a deep insight into how the early colonialists lived.

With a small population, strong community spirit and isolation from the mainland, Tasmania has managed to capture its heritage and preserve many of the historic elements that make it what it is today.

Wherever you go you will discover amazing examples of Georgian architecture – some open to public access and others owned privately – all telling the story of original settlers and their desire to build a beautiful home away from home.

Rare colonial buildings and objects of historic significance are scattered throughout the island and protected by the National Trust Tasmania.

Some of the highlights include Clarendon – an iconic mansion of Australia – and the rare 19th century whaling family home named Runnymede.

Visitors can use the Tasmanian Heritage Guide Membership to navigate the region and experience the timelessness of the region armed with the necessary knowledge.

Wall alongside Lark Distillery in Hobart

The superb Customs House Hobart at night

Ross Tasmania midlands

Narryna Heritage Museum Hobart just off Battery Point

Colonial Home image credit - Carole Bradford

Clarendon House

Buildings Downtown Hobart

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