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Deep-sea diving in Tasmania needs to be seen to be believed. If you're looking for a new, exciting adventure, head down and see what the Southern Ocean looks like beyond those coastal ripples splashing against the sand.

Tasmanian waters are home to a wide variety of unique plants and animals. For example, bottlenose dolphins, Australian fur seals, and vast kelp forests all lie in wait just below the crystal clear surface of the ocean. 

If you aren't a diving enthusiast, Tasmania is a great place to hire out the equipment and take classes to become adept at submerging into the deep, blue unknown.

The Tasman Peninsula offers a fantastic diving experience for novices and advanced divers alike. The best sea cave in Australia can be found at Waterfall Bay, whilst the giant kelp forest (in excess of 20 metres high) can be located in Munro Bight. Keep an eye out for the iconic sea dragon, scattered throughout the waters.

Departing downtown Hobart, it is possible to be snorkelling or at a dive spot little more than 20 minutes after departure. The location is in a Marine Reserve near Tinderbox – a wide variety of creatures of all kinds including crayfish (lobster) can be seen. All gear is provided and your host will be Underwater Adventures Tasmania

However, one of the Tasman's prime sites for diving is Troy D, an artificial reef just off the northwest tip of Maria Island. Installed in February 2007, the reef is now populated with a variety of marine life.

Take a weekend off and travel down to Tasmania to experience the sight and wonder of exotic marine life in the flesh.

Diving in kelp on the Tasman Peninsula

Diving with Tasmanian Underwater Adventures

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