Escape winter blues at Arts on Fire

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The weather may be cooling down, but it seems that the opposite is happening when it comes to the island state's rich art and culture scene.

Some of Tasmania's best artists and curators have been busy putting together the final details for next month's Arts On Fire exhibition.

The three-day festival of creativity features a number of well-known performers from the North West of the state who specialise in everything from music to the latest in cutting-edge fashions.

Those with an eye for photography will have the opportunity to indulge their favourite artistic pursuit, with a number of works on show during the festival.

The chance to rub shoulders with established and emerging artists is something that few who are hoping to crack into this industry would want to give up.

Names to look out for at Arts On Fire this year include self confessed art addict and water colourist Evelyn Antonysen, as well as painter Bill Flowers and award-winning Devonport-based artist Andrea Weeks.

However, you can also catch a glimpse of the works of a number of specialist craftsmen and women who live in the local area and use the natural beauty of the region as inspiration for their works.

Arts On Fire kicks opens its doors to the public on June 9 – 12 2012, with the support of the Northwest arts community.

Exhibits will be on show on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 16:00 and finish early on the Monday at 15:00.

It will be held at the Penguin Community Learning Centre, Primary School on Ironcliffe Road, Penguin – and is suitable for visitors of all ages.

Admission is $5 per adult and there is ample parking in the nearby streets and laneways for people travelling to the site by car.

Arts on Fire - Collage of Artists' Work

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  • admin says:

    Pene Day

    Thank you very much for your note. You appear to have read an article which related to the 2012 event, as the blog post was dated 28 May 2012.
    Apologies for the confusion this has caused you – and possibly visitors reading the information.
    Our editors have put in the date ‘2012’ to clarify.
    Our event listing on DiscoverTasmania was definitely correct for the 2013 event –
    We’re sorry that our bad may have caused you to believe that the article referred to this year’s event.

    Thanks / DT Blog team.

  • Pene Day says:

    all the information about Arts On Fire on this tourism web site are incorrect. Please get it right!!
    the event was last weekend.

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