Enjoying the fruits of Tasmania

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Tasmania is a destination full of tasty culinary delights and is well-respected as a hub of fine food.

In particular, Tasmania focuses on fresh produce that's often farmed organically and sustainably, making it a mecca for those who love their food as nature intended it.

If you want to try out a taste of what Tasmania has to offer yourself, one of the best ways to do so is simply by coming for a stay in Hobart and then travelling through some of the smaller towns, too. Make sure to stop off at as many cafes and restaurants while you can, try a cooking lesson or two and visit the many orchards, wineries and farms that are open to visitors.

That's right – Tasmania's famous for its cool-climate wines too, especially when it comes to pinot noir and sparkling wines. But that's not the only much-loved variety of alcohol you can find here. Cider, whisky, gin and a range of craft beers are produced on the island and are in increasingly hot demand. While there are many wineries open to visit, some breweries and distilleries also have tours so that you can learn more about the practice of making these beverages.

Wherever you are in Tasmania, there's always somewhere fantastic to find a mouth-watering bite to eat. Whether it's a world-renowned restaurant in the heart of Hobart or a small, sustainable farm selling fresh produce tucked away in a small town, expect to find culinary heaven here.

What's best of all? Perhaps the fact that when you sit down to enjoy your divine meal, you'll likely have an awe-inspiring view to match, thanks to Tasmania's beautiful array of scenery.

Tasmanian vineyard setting and produce - image credit: Daily Telegraph

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