‘Egg-cellent’ appeal for the Tasmanian Devils

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The island's native animal the Tasmanian Devil has received a support boost by Tasmania's largest egg producer, Pure Foods Eggs, who have pitched in their efforts to support the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

The Tasmanian devil is now listed as an endangered animal, with the Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) threatening the existence of the marsupial, where in some areas 90 per cent of the wild population has been wiped out.

Specially marked 'black packs' of free range eggs have been released by Pure Food Eggs, with 20 cents from every carton sold going toward the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

Pure Foods Eggs marketing manager Tim Russell-Jarvie said the company was pleased to support the program.

"We feel very strongly about this appeal and the current plight of the Tassie Devil, it’s fighting for survival so if this campaign can raise vital funds to help keep the devil species alive, it’s well worth it," said Mr Russell-Jarvie via Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal.

Managing director of Pure Foods Eggs Danny Jones added that it was a way for the company to 'give back' to Tasmania.

"We have been doing a similar campaign with the McGrath Foundation for a few years now and that has raised thousands for vital cancer research and other program initiatives, so we are confident this devils fundraising campaign can be just as successful," he said.

"Pure Foods Eggs is also donating $8,000 upfront to kick off the statewide campaign, and I urge all egg lovers to go and buy these specially marked cartons for free range eggs, and help save the Tasmanian devil in the process".

Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal manager Rebecca Cuthill thanked Pure Foods Eggs for their support.

"By purchasing the distinctive ‘black packs’ you are directly supporting key research and management programs that will keep the Tasmanian devil alive and functioning in the wild," she said.

The Tasmanian devil appeal egg cartons are available from food outlets in Bellerive, Lenah Valley and Sandy Bay.

The Mark Webber Foundation Contributes to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal by running events such as the Mark Webber Tasmania Challenge

Cute Tassie Devils - Image Credit: Zoo Victoria

The Egg Cartons - Image Credit: The Mercury

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