Don’t miss ‘Come To Tasmania the Wonderland’

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There are just under two weeks left to experience Come To Tasmania the Wonderland – and if you haven't yet been to see this exceptional exhibit, you'll want to add it to your itinerary.

Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts in Hobart plays host to a fascinating and eclectic collection of 20th century travel posters designed to encourage visitors from all over the world to visit Tasmania.

During the first half of the 1900s in particular, travel posters were used widely to promote the island state's many attractions.

Stemming from research carried out by Dr Marian Walker, who is studying the evolution of Tasmania's tourism image between the early 19th to mid-20th centuries, the exhibition showcases some of the most popular themes in Tasmania's tourism history.

The posters on display depict Tasmania's incredible natural beauty – one dubs the island state as "The Switzerland of the South" – as well as its climate, fertility and Englishness. All these are popular themes that recur in tourism and immigration literature dating from the 20th century.

Printed lithographically in limited runs, the posters are today considered to be rare collectibles, featuring art from the likes of James Northfield, John Eldershaw, Harry Kelly and Max Angus.

Come To Tasmania the Wonderland will run until April 23.

The wonderful posters from another time including the 'Come to Tasmania The Wonderland'

Charming enticements to holiday in Tasmania

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