Discover Antarctica at Islands to Ice exhibition

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If you are thinking of travelling to Tasmania this March, why not start planning your trip now?

With such range of activities and events on offer, taking time to organise your travels ahead of time will lead to time-savings in the long run. Better yet, that planning may uncover hidden gems along the way.

Whether you are keen for adventure or wanting to learn more about the world you live in, there is always something on offer suitable for all ages.

Among the many cultural attractions you may stumble across in the city of Hobart is the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery's renowned Islands to Ice exhibition.

As part of the museum's permanent collection this display was first opened in March 2006, but has since grown in popularity to the point where it is a favourite among both locals and visitors.

It is also a free activity, which is no doubt an attractive feature for people on a tight budget and looking for ways to save money without missing out on any of the city's main sites. It’s also a great cool day pass time.

Described as a journey across "wild sapphire oceans", the exhibition showcases stunning imagery, photographs, installations and artefacts which help people discover the south of Tasmania and learn more about little known but awe inspiring places such as Antarctica.

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of these regions, many of which are still relatively untouched by human hands or development, there is also the chance to gain an insight into the people and mythology.

Lifting the veil on what for many people is still an unknown wilderness, the ‘Islands to Ice’ exhibition is one of an exciting list of Tasmanian cultural events that help visitors discover the beauty of this unknown Continent.

Islands to Ice exhibition

Islands to Ice exhibition - diagram of Antarctic ice

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