Digital puppetry at Theatre Royal

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A unique new production titled Love will entertain both children and adults in Tasmania next month.

The wonderful play is brought to life through a combination of traditional puppets, digital puppetry using Xbox Kinect interactive technology and a superb musical score.

Audiences will no doubt be intrigued as the animations occur live and react to the skilled movements of the human performers and their onstage puppets.

Love is more than an ordinary puppet show. It's a visual treat – with sets unfolding in front of audiences and instruments coming to life and playing themselves.

But Love is not just a display of creative theatrics for the eye – it is a well-crafted and heartfelt story centred around a brave ten-year-old Australian boy on a journey of discovery.

Oslo Rogers and his eccentric mum Ruthy are forced to flee their town by an approaching storm and head to the big town hall on the hill.

They can only afford to carry "love luggage", Ruthy tells her son – those precious items that simply cannot be left behind.

Terrapin Puppet Theatre production is the company behind this marvellous work and there will be five performances of Love from September 16 to 18 at Theatre Royal in Hobart. Tickets can be purchased via the venue's website.

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