Countdown to Latrobe’s Chocolate Winterfest

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Dipping fresh strawberries into a pot of melting chocolate is one of life's sweeter moments.

But if you think it sounds indulgent, you will want to brace yourself for Tasmania's finger-licking, wickedly delicious chocolate festival.

Nestled alongside the winding rivers that have come to define the island state's northern regions is the bustling cultural centre of Latrobe – which is just a 10 minute drive from the port city of Devonport.

Latrobe is also home to the region's annual Chocolate Winterfest that takes place on July 8, with the first eating session beginning at 10:30 and finishing around 16:00.

So much more than an escape from the winter blues, the celebration of cocoa is also a food extravaganza that is fit for a king.

It is best to get in early if you plan on sampling the various desserts, sweets and treats that are on menu this year.

For those who are keen to make the most of their chocolate experience, you can feel free to talk to one of the many cocoa experts that will be on hand to answer any questions and share their insights into making the perfect chocolate’y snack.

Chocolate Winterfest Latrobe - Image Credit:  About Australia

Chocolate Scrapbook Entry Image Credit Karen: Hansson (Scrappin Sanity)

No More to Say Really - Chocolate Winterfest 2012 -  Image Credit: EventsSearch

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