Come dine with us: fine food and wine in Tasmania

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Tasmania has a reputation for producing some of the country's best artisan cheese and wines, with a slew of awards proving its dominance in this area.

However, it is also a great place to indulge in a rich variety of seasonal delicacies in a place that celebrates close links from the paddock to the plate.

With four distinct seasons to choose from, you can easily find something that you will want to try while you are journeying.

During the cooler months, mouth-watering berries and crisp apples are on the menu in a number of restaurants and smaller eateries. Alternatively, you could go to the farmers directly and include an orchard tour as part of your trip.

They are also the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon feast of a hand-made blue cheese and locally produced Riesling – a food lover's dream. Dine al fresco or wait until evening to treat yourself to one of our award winning restaurants such as Garagistes in Hobart.

As the weather heats up, it is time to broaden your palette on a sea trail of the state's best seafood. February is typically oyster season and it would be a shame not to try a fresh one while you are in town. 

There are a number of tours for gourmet travellers and foodies all year round however and you can find them right here. They include moving around by car and mini-bus through to walking tours; a leisurely stroll to vendors and favourite finds.

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Poached Striped Trumpeter Garagistes Hobart voted best Tassie Restaurant 2012 - Image Credit:

Kates Berry Farm East Coast Tasmania

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