Cascade Brewery the ‘real taste of Tasmania’

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The Cascade Brewery is nestled in the foothills of South Hobart and is the oldest operating brewery in Australia, with a history that dates back to the early 1800s. It is also one of the best-looking industrial buildings and it’s located in the most picturesque of settings. It is certainly amongst the most photographed ‘factories’ in Australia.

Legend has it that founder Peter De Graves drew up the initial plans for the now famous Tassie establishment when he was serving time in the Old Hobart Gaol.

Today the brewery is a tribute as much to his pioneering spirit as the desire to produce high-quality beer. Cascade is also a stickler for tradition – it is the only Australian company of its kind that still continues to do its own malting.

You can taste the craftsmanship in each and every bottle of their premium lagers and ales, and it is a great experience to see how these brews are made.

Ready to give you expert tips are the friendly staff at Casade Brewery, who organise daily tours for groups of up to 25 people.

There are a number of tours to choose from, including the Brewery Tour and Heritage Tour that showcase three acres of heritage 'Woodstock' gardens and the Cascade Museum.

But for a real taste of Tasmania you can't go past the beer and food matching session – dubbed The Cascade "Ale & Hearty" – organised for groups of six or more at the newly renovated restaurant.

Footnote: Lark Distillery also entrust the start of their processes to Cascade, with the malting of their barley from which their whiskies emerge.

The Impressive Cascade Building image credit - Robert Della-Piana

Restaurant and gardens and the the Cascade Brewery - image source Business Events Tasmania

Cascade Brewery tour outside hobart tasmania - image source viatour

Beer Bottling Area in the Factory - image source Tripadvisor

Cascade Brewery Restaurant and their fine ales on tap - some taps! image source Business Events Tasmania

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