Braving the cold for the annual Solstice Swim!

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Tasmania's newest winter festival is really starting to make its presence felt on the island, with the number of launch events planned in the lead up to its opening. It was made even more notable as the nation heard of last minute difficulties with this event.

The Annual Solstice Swim is fast-approaching, with brave Tasmanians and visitors to the state braving the chilly temperatures to take a dip at a Hobart location.

If you want to take part in the Solstice Swim, but not quite willing to shed your swimmers, then you can join in the 'prude' swim!

The R18 event will kick off on Saturday June 22, with the nude swim taking place bright and early at 07:42 am and the prude swim starting at 08:42 am.

While the event is free, there are limits on numbers, so register your interest now before you miss out!

If lord mayor Damon Thomas and radio DJ Dave Noonan raise $10,000 for charity, they could be joining the hundreds of participants taking part in the Dark MOFO nude swim.

The Mercury reported that the two made a promise on Noonan's Heart FM show to take the plunge if they raise the money, with Noonan's co-host to join also if they manage to raise $15,000.

There had been an 'overwhelming response' to the nude swim, said Dark MOFO creative director Leigh Carmichael.

"Because there is so much interest in the event we thought we would expand it," he said via The Mercury.

Not surprisingly DARK Mofo's publicity says that the swim will take place at the crack of dawn -  first in best undressed!

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