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Theatregoers won't want to miss out on seeing Boy Girl Wall as the hit show journeys to the island state.

A production by the award-winning creators of Attack of the Attacking Attackers! and smash-hit production the Escapist comes a tale of whimsy, imagination and enlightenment.

At the centre of this love story is the tale of Thom and Alethea, apartment block neighbours who are trying desperately to keep their own lives from falling apart, when the wall that is meant to separate them decides that they should ultimately be together.

And while the use of animate and inanimate objects may seem peculiar from the outside, it is done in such a way that you can easily suspend your imagination and enjoy the absurdity of the moment at the same time as you head inwards for a moment of introspection to identify the barriers that are placing limits on your own life.

Along with the lead actor Lucas Stibbard's captivating performance, the show also features sock puppets, chalk, an overhead projector and more than 24 other weird and wonderful cast members which add a comedic touch to an otherwise serious subject matter.

Live music from the delightful Neridah Waters will only add to the element of fancy that comes into play in this modern-day tale of heartache, friendship and the tour-de-force that is known best as true romance.

Described by The Australian as "tightly structured, funny and ultimately quite funny", you will be sure to find yourself in stitches as the show's lead actor brings a discussion on the finer aspect of love and contemporary living.

Boy Girl Wall will be showing at the Theatre Royal in Hobart from August 1 to 4, with the show starting each night at 19.00. You can find out more information on ticket prices directly by contacting the theatre.

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