Boags’ beer tours

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Australians are known for many things; amongst them is the desire to quench a well-earned thirst with an ice cold beer.

And while in the north of the country they may prefer beer on tap, it is fair to say that the cooler weather brings an element of European sophistication to the island state.

With this in mind, it is little wonder that so many beer drinkers are keen to drop by the Boag's Centre for Beer Lovers.

Located just outside of Launceston in the historic Tamar Hotel is this tribute to the tradition and beer.

There are regular tours of the brewery which allow visitors to taste award winning beers served with equally high-quality local cheeses, and to learn more about beer brewing. Yes, you can enjoy and learn!

Weekday tours are available year round and usually take just over 1.5 hours, while anyone wanting to take part in the Amber Ticket Tasting will need to visit on a Saturday.

Family-friendly activities are also a feature of the Tamar Hotel, which houses a museum which tells the 100-year-old story of the brewery from its initial creation in the 1830s until now.

Historic Boags Brewery Tour Location Launceston

Boags Beer Range and medals - all gold

Boags Brewery Manufacturing Facility Launceston

A trip down beer through the years

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