Beer Lovers – Do Moo Brew during your Getaway

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With the recent proliferation of craft beer and microbreweries popping up throughout New Zealand and Australia, it's time to take a look at one of the latest breweries in Tasmania.

Moo Brew is a state of the art microbrewery located on a private peninsula by Derwent River at Berridale – a mere 15 minutes north from the state's capital, Hobart.

The brewery produces five core beers that help to encapsulate a wide variety of styles, flavours and tastes. The pilsner is light and crispy, with a toasted malt palate, and redefines the classic larger style.

Among the other beers is a Hefeweizen, which pays homage to the classic Bavarian-style wheat beer, a Pale Ale and an American Dark Ale that has to be tasted to be believed – a hoppy, roasted caramel and chocolate smorgasbord for your tastebuds!

They also prepare a variety of seasonal beers, with the latest release being a stout known as The Velvet Sledgehammer. Intensely dark and incredibly smooth, the rich palate is loaded with residual sugar and bitterness – the perfect companion for a cool winter evening.

Moo Brew's beers contain no added preservatives or additives, containing only the essential ingredients needed to make overwhelmingly good beer – malt, hops, yeast and water.

Brewery tours are available from 14:00 every Friday and Saturday, cost $15 per person and last around an hour. However, you're welcome to stay for a drink afterwards! Being part of the MONA stable, you can be sure there is ‘art’ in the exercise right down to the bottle.

The Moo Brew lineup / fine beers (and as it says on the label - Not For Bogans

Brewery Tour

Serving with style at Moo Brew's home - MONA

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