Bait your next trophy fish in Tasmania’s waters

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If you're a keen fisherman looking for your next challenge, Tasmania is home to more than 20 national game fish records and could be where you catch your next prize.

The game fishing waters stretch from the north east, past St Helens, all the way down to the Tasman Peninsula.

Charter a boat from anywhere along this vast stretch of coast and within 30 minutes, you'll be put right in the middle of serious fishing territory.

You may get the chance to encounter a number of marine species, including striped marlin, broadbilled swordfish, mako sharks, and bluefin tuna.

But one of the most eagerly sought after fish in Tasmanian waters is the southern black bream, which can grow to well over three kilograms. These are well within reach of any keen fisherman, with Little Swanport and Ansons Bay being the hotspot for catching them.

The best part is you don't need a license for saltwater fishing in Tasmania, and a recreational license is needed only if you're planning on catching abalone, rock lobster, scallops, or if you intend on using a graball, mullet or beach seine net.

So head on down to Tasmania, charter a boat and prepare yourself for a serious fishing frenzy!

Fishing in Tasmania - Image Credit: Fishing for Everyone

Bluefine Tuna haul off southern Tasmania near Pedra Rocks - image credit fishtrack-dot-com photography by Dean Butler

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