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Hobart is a melting pot of all the good stuff – city life paired with astonishingly beautiful views, adventurous activities balanced out by cultural and artistic pursuits, and a fascinating history.

This is exemplified by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, which can be found in Dunn Place and is easily accessible by bus, car, foot and taxi. It’s right alongside the core of our city hub.

There is a myriad of things for you to explore and knowledge for you to gain once you get there.

The museum is always alive with events and exhibitions. Currently, highlights for visitors include Tasmanian artist Philip Wolfhagen's exhibition Illumination, which features 50 works from both public and private collections. This art focuses on landscape painting.

Another highlight is the Legacy 90th Anniversary Display. This exhibition runs until November 12, and showcases a number of artefacts and memorabilia from Legacy Australia, which was an organisation set up to help war widows post-WWI.

Another not-to-be-missed exhibition is Critical Operations. This will run until December 31. It aims to challenge viewers as it reflects the challenging nature of art and design in contemporary Australia. It focuses in particular on the environment, the body and identity and features a wide range of artists both celebrating, and critiquing today's culture.

Progress and Politics is another fascinating exhibition, which delves into how Tasmanian artists have explored the politics of race, gender and the environment through their bodies of work. Geoff Parr, Ricky Maynard, Raymond Arnold, Phill Mason and Kevin Perkins are some of the visual artists included in this exhibition.

Whether you're a native of Tasmanian or a visitor to the island, you'll get a true taste of Tasmania's diverse flavour by visiting the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Don't forget that September 29 is Family Day at the museum, held on the last Sunday of each month. Bring the kids along to engage in activities and hands-on displays, as well as live entertainment. A fun day for the whole family!

Interior of the Musuem

Families making the most of Family Days at TMAG

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