Above average weather for Tasmania in 2011

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As many parts of Australia broke records for lower temperatures in 2011, Tasmania bucked the national trend by experiencing overall above-average conditions that were lapped up by locals and enthusiastic visitors alike.

The Bureau of Meteorology released its Annual Australian Climate Statement 2011 this week (January 4), which revealed that across the country there was a notable movement towards colder and wetter days than normal.

Data suggested that it was the third-wettest year on record and included Australia's coldest autumn since at least 1950.

But it was a different case on the island state with the bureau reporting that western Tasmania was one of the few regions to notice below-average rainfall over the course of the year.

Averaged over the whole month it was also the warmest August on record for Tasmania, meaning visitors in the latter part of winter were treated to beautiful sunshine and clear skies ideal for hiking, cycling, camping and adventure activities on the water or in the mountains.

While there was significant flooding in some parts of the island at selected times, generally conditions were ideal for a fun and safe holiday of any kind.

Tasmania's climate can differ quite significantly from other Australian weather zones and its maritime conditions means there are rarely vast extremes of temperature.

Like most destinations you may feel hot or cold from time to time, but as a general rule the weather in Tasmania is more seasonally defined than in mainland states.

Even during a chilly winter Tasmania is a glorious landscape to travel across, with the crisp clean air pleasing hikers and climbers at iconic landmarks such as Mount Wellington and Freycinet National Park.

AND, it is true that Hobart is Australia’s second driest city! The shadow of Mt Wellington causes a rain shadow and a mini-climate – hence those iconic shots of Sullivans Cove and the inner harbour.

colours of the seasons Meander Valley

Overland Track Cradle Mountain - with the right gear IMPORTANT

big wave season late august. Image Credit: The Mercury Hobart

autumn colours

The top of Mt Wellington just 20 mins from downtown hobart - DO NOT assume this was in winter!

weather temp chart tasmania

The stunning southwest always changeable

weather - winter at fabulous cradle mountain

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